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The mission of the Bluenumber Foundation is to change how people and organisations own, manage and benefit from use of their digital identity and data.


The Bluenumber Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit incorporated in New York State, both governs and manages the B# system neutrally and independently according to the open and democratic operating principles of the Internet itself.

The Foundation Board is drawn from the B# holder community to steward the B# system transparently, set rules for B# use, and promote innovation and competition. The Foundation Secretariat administers B# systems under the oversight and guidance of the Board.


The Foundation Executive (Secretariat) coordinates how B# data is stored and accessed, to ensure the B# system operates with stability, reliability and resilience.


The Foundation seeks donations and grant funding to address critical areas and sectors where missing, underused and fragmented identification systems need fixing. The Foundation works with technology service providers and implementation partners to pilot specific applications of bluenumbers to enhance value for bluenumber holders.


Your donation will be used in projects to connect people, make them visible on BlueView, enable mobile Internet access, and build skills to manage their own data.


If you are a US taxpayer, your donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Financial Disclosure

501(c)(3) status:

IRS confirmation letter* (pdf)

Statutory filings (available upon request:)

IRS 990-PF and NY CHAR500 (2015) 

IRS 990-PF and NY CHAR500 (2016) 

IRS 990-PF and NY CHAR500 (2017)

IRS 990-PF and NY CHAR500 (2018)

* "Global Business Coalition for Food Security, Inc." is the former name of Bluenumber Foundation, Inc.

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